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"Nationwide Towing & Transport engaged Bozmac to build 18 Tilt/Slides. They have proven to be extremely robust, versatile & reliable."

Colin Tyzzer - Nationwide Towing

Tilt Slide Bodies

Tilt Slide Bodies

The quality and reliability of your Tilt Slide vehicles directly affects the performance of your business operations. Don’t leave it to chance. Bozmac Tilt Slide Bodies deliver industry best practice from design to manufacture, assembly and after sales service, ensuring your vehicles truly work for you and your customers. With an uncompromising attitude to high calibre vehicle development, every Bozmac body enjoys the best materials, workmanship, safety specification and finish, to handle the harshest conditions.

With Hardox wear plates for the tray floors and Domex coming rails, the foundation is laid for longevity and low maintenance operations. Jig built precision ensures consistency. Stabilizer scissors are fitted to all bodies to reduce torsional twisting of body and chassis.

Tilt Slide Bodies

Planetry drive winches are fitted standard* on most models, renowned for their fast, compact, efficient operations. The hydraulics incorporate cad plated steel tubes to prevent corrosion, increase oil life and eliminate costly replacements. An air-operated "Auto body Lock" removes the need to slide the body out of the lock position before tilting, eliminating the likelihood of damage through operator error. Safety is enhanced thanks to dual controls in the cabin and on the hydraulic station for work lights and rotators. All Bozmac bodies are finished in-house to exacting standards with quality PPG Delfleet 2-pac coatings. Custom liveries amplify your business image, promoting your services out on the road.

Enjoy the confidence that comes with a vehicle built with real passion. Invest in your business success with a Bozmac Tilt Slide Body, designed from the ground up to enhance the performance, image and profitability of your business. The best investment you will ever make!

* The winch type can be changed at the discretion of the customer.

Tilt Slide Bodies

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