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"Nationwide Towing & Transport engaged Bozmac to build 18 Tilt/Slides. They have proven to be extremely robust, versatile & reliable."

Colin Tyzzer - Nationwide Towing

Bozmac Body Sizes

Bozmac bodies are available in the standard lengths and load capacities below. (special orders by request).
The rated capacities are for the recovery unit only. Body length is subject to wheelbase, cab axle and allowable rear overhang.

TS-3 Body lengths up to 6m (20’) 3000kg capacity Car Body
TS-4 Body lengths up to 6.7m (22’) 4000kg capacity Car Body
TS-5 Body lengths up to 7.3m (24’) 5000kg capacity Machinery Body
TS-6 Body lengths up to 7.6m (25’) 6000kg capacity Machinery Body
TS-8 Body lengths up to 8.4m (28’) 8000kg capacity Machinery Body
TS-12 Body lengths up to 9m (30’) 12000kg capacity Machinery Body
TS-12 XL Body lengths up to 10m (33’) 12000kg capacity Machinery Body
TS-15 Body lengths up to 9m (30’) 15000kg capacity Machinery Body
TS-15 XL Body lengths up to 10m (33’) 15000kg capacity Machinery Body
T180 Rotator Body lengths up to 7.3m (24’) 3500kg Roatator capacity
5000kg Conventional capacity
Car Body or
Machinery Body

T180 Rotator Video

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